I’m Not Dead, Just Buried

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m overwhelmed – literally and figuratively – by the response to my first post. Figuratively in the sense that it’s incredible how many people are excited about the possibilities for wearable computing. Literally in the sense that mail is still coming in faster than I’m able to answer it, and I haven’t had time to even start moderating the comments. I’ll read every piece of mail – and do my best to answer it all, although that I can’t guarantee, because I have to get some work done too – and I’ll moderate the comments, but it may take a while yet. Please bear with me.

I’ll also note that I only intend to allow comments that contribute in a substantive way to the discussion of each blog post. If you think Valve’s cool, I think that’s great, but if that’s all your comment says, it’s not going to show up. I want to have high-bandwidth discussions in the comments, the sort that enhances the value of the posts, so please keep that in mind when you write a comment.

4 Responses to I’m Not Dead, Just Buried

  1. IL says:

    Michael, very glad to see you at Valve. In your first post, which no doubt was very interesting to read, you mentioned machine learning specialists, but there is no mention of them on http://www.valvesoftware.com/jobs/job_postings.html page as well as a description of such position. I only want you to clarify that Valve is actually need such specialists and publish requirements. Thanks!

    • MAbrash says:

      Yes, we’re interested in machine learning specialists. And we’re particularly interested in computer vision and image processing people. Please email me if you think you fit the description.

  2. 10098 says:

    Hello, Michael
    I have a question for you. It doesn’t relate to wearable computing, so I decided to ask it here instead of sending you an email to avoid polluting your inbox. The question is: does someone with a few (3-4) years of experience in software engineering, but no experience in game development, stand a chance to be hired at Valve? Maybe start working on Steam, and then gradually switch to games?

    • MAbrash says:

      Yes, someone with 3-4 years of very solid software engineering experience would stand a chance to be hired. That’s the low end of enough experience to know enough to be able to make the right choices to manage your own time, but if you fit the attributes of a Valve hire well, it could happen. The experience has to be really good, though, and you have to have strong C++ skills. The best thing is if you can show a portfolio of what you’ve shipped, because that truly shows what you can do.