The Great Winter Migration

It is unusual for penguins to migrate but our penguins are a bit different; perhaps it has something to do with the heat?

In any event, the Steam for Linux limited beta began in early November with the initial group taken from respondents to the Steam for Linux beta survey. We are adding more participants on a regular basis so if you haven’t filled out the survey, you can find it here.

In order to support the large interest around the limited beta, we’ve created a new Steam for Linux Hub and “migrated” our information and support over. It offers all the features of a Steam Game Hub, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on Linux announcements, discussions and news. Join the official group and you’ll even see our announcements in your community activity feed.

Future plans for the blog are to be determined but for now you can find all the latest info at the Steam for Linux hub: .

See you there!
– the Valve Linux team

28 Responses to The Great Winter Migration

  1. Barry Burke says:

    are the people selected from the beta only from America or was it international selection?

    • Valve Linux team says:

      We didn’t filter based on country of origin. Our primary focus was on machine configuration and graphics card types.

      • Niko says:

        You guys still filtering by distro or there is a chance we could join in the beta anyway? (Arch Linux in my case, sadly wasn’t in the survey and I think we are a good number of users :-/)

        • Valve Linux team says:

          While we are focusing most of our efforts on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS we already have people in the limited beta who are running on different distributions.

  2. On the blog, the RSS feed keeps me alerted on new entries. How to do this on the new “hub”.

    I’m not gonna check it everyday…

    • Valve Linux team says:

      If you join the group you will automatically receive notifications about new announcements and replies to any comments you make in the forum.

  3. ancow says:

    Just out of curiosity: if I have two machines I regularly play games on, should I do the survey twice or which one should I enter into the survey? (The machines are quite dissimilar – i386/amd64, Nvidia/AMD, Desktop/Laptop, …)

  4. Yusuf says:

    Are you guys working closely with AMD for this? The current drivers are really really bad compared to what the Nvidia users are getting. I’m feeling like it’s just not going my way as an AMD user. Can we expect close to Nvidia performance in the future?

    • Valve Linux team says:

      Funny you should mention that; new AMD drivers appeared in the precise-proposed repository for series 5 and later cards. More information will be announced in the Steam for Linux group tomorrow.

  5. thiago says:

    I’m not part of the steam linux beta, but i saw steam linux beta .deb file around some sites, and i installed it on my laptop running ubuntu 12.04
    Is there any chance Valve will ban my account for this?

  6. Jarno Kaikkonen says:

    What happened to “The list that you would get in if you would show interest to testing the beta”?

    • Valve Linux team says:

      We were very careful to state that that list was only a candidate for beta list. It was never stated that it was a guarantee to get into the beta. Unfortunately, it was erroneously reported on several external web sites that this was a list for the beta.

  7. Sebastian Parborg says:

    Just to make sure you guys have seen this _very_ helpful thread in the steam community forum about the window management problems in steam and possable solutions.

  8. Avid DOTA2 Player says:

    Hello Valve Linux team!

    Thank you for your great work on getting Steam on Linux. I just have 2 questions:

    Which Source games are available already for the Linux platform?
    If DOTA2 isn’t already, can we expect it by the end of the year?

    • Valve Linux team says:

      Team Fortress 2 is currently available for the Linux Steam client. Additional Source games are being considered.

  9. Marcus Klaas says:

    Thanks for all the good work guys. I am one of the earlier beta testers and I have found that steam on linux works really well. I’m getting some errors/ warnings in the console and had some instabilities but things generally work and I’m sure you’ll iron out the kinks :-) Now if only AMD would release some drivers which not only perform in 3D, but also work well for the desktop I’d be really happy ;-)

  10. John says:

    Do you accept people that are experienced with Linux and gaming but that aren not experienced in testing software as developers?

    • Valve Linux team says:

      Formal experience in software testing was not a prerequisite for us. We are more interested in people with Linux and gaming experience.

  11. zviryatko says:

    what about the intel hd graphics, will it be possible to PLAY games? =)

  12. Neil says:

    Well I hope with AMD dropping their new driver that some more ATI users will be given a go.

  13. flugga says:

    Is there any hope to get in the limited beta with a 64-bit OS ? This could be an uselful piece of info for those -like me- who would be ready to set up a new configuration for the occasion =)

    • Valve Linux team says:

      We currently have several people using 64-bit systems for testing. The results have been encouraging and we have made progress in improving the experience for Steam on 64-bit systems.

  14. mattyy1hp says:

    Hi Valve Linux Team.
    What about Left4Dead2 and other Source-based games? Can we expect it sometime later in beta or when Linux Steam client reaches final version?
    Thanks for the reply.

    • Valve Linux team says:

      We can’t provide a date for those games but we are working on numerous Source games with the plan of getting them out to our Linux crowd in the future.